The First Door

Hall Of Fame

Welcome to my quest, The First Door.

You have discovered the entrance to the quest, but this is only the beginning. See those who have reached   The End.
I need you to find me, I am hiding from those who do not understand. I have hidden myself in this virtual world, hoping they will not be able to reach me. But, maybe you will.

Each page you come across will have a picture. This picture contains a puzzle, a riddle that you must solve. All the information you are given is in the picture. None will be hiding in the source code, no external program will be needed to alter the pictures, nothing needs to be downloaded.

The picture is the door and the doorman. To go through the door you must solve the puzzle and tell it your answer. Simply put your answer where the current page is. But, remember, stay in the same folder because to leave that folder is to go looking for a new door.
Your answers must be written without spaces and must be finished with .htm, or you will not be understood. Also, the passwords are case-sensitive. Each new word should be started with a capital and every other letter should be lowercase, no matter what. This includes the answers to the puzzles!
So, if you wish to go to the door 'The Dead End' and the password for the doorman was 'No Further' then you would replace index4.htm with 'TheDeadEnd/NoFurther.htm'. You can see if anyone is there, if you like.

But, that is not the end. You must remember the answers you give for they are clues to where I am hiding. It is a dangerous world we live in, however, so some answers will be red herrings to send the unobservant down the wrong path.

Don't worry, it will become clear as you follow my trail. Your task now is to find the first door and go through it. Tell the doorman 'You Wish To Find Me', he is waiting for you through 'The First Door'.


N.B. There is a special page to catch you if you lose the path of the quest by going to a door or location that isn't there. However, Internet Explorer seems to block this. Test This Now. If you didn't see the message in the style of the site, go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced tab and then deselect "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages" Firefox needs no alteration.

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